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Pharmacy Billing with Higher Approvals

Compound Claim Approvals Lead to Patient Wellness

Making a successful diagnosis with a carefully tuned compound medication protocol sometimes just isn’t enough to help a patient achieve wellness. After the doctor and the pharmacist have combined their wisdom to identify appropriate treatment, a new battle begins: satisfying the requirements of third-party payers to fund the medical treatment.

Just as certain medical conditions require custom formulas developed by expert physicians to achieve a successful outcome, compound medicines require custom, expert billing adjudication to achieve a successful outcome. expertly and aggressively resolves the unique issues involved in billing insurances for personalized medications while maintaining strict compliance with Pharmacy Provider Manual rules and regulations on behalf of our client pharmacies.

Most of our client pharmacies report a 60%-100% increase in script approval rates through our efforts. We work hard to remove the stress of the process from the patient, pharmacist, and doctor to allow all to focus on one thing: the patient's well-being.

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